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We chose to fly economy and paid around $750 per person round trip to/from Oslo from the West Coast USA during one of Norway’s busiest times of year- mid-summer (July). Feeling a bit extra? Day 6 – Explore a little of lovely Loen, then take the ferry through the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord. Day 5 – In the morning, drive up the winding slopes of The Eagle Road, hop on a short ferry to Linge and then wind your way around the Trollstigen – The Troll Ladder – with hairpin bends that will make any driver feel like a rockstar. Breathe in the the fresh mountain air! Everyday on this Norway itinerary is undoubtedly scenic, with the views just getting better and better as the days go on. The hotel sits right on the base of Geirangerfjord – meaning, if you ask for a room that faces the road, you’ll have a panoramic view of the fjord right from your view! Again, there’s no way around it. Ferries are comfortable with cafes, bathrooms, and cushioned seats. Be sure to take Road 258 instead of 15. Day 10 – It’s never a bad idea to spend another night in Oslo. There are 18 Scenic Routes in Norway (previously called National Tourist Routes), which are known to be the countries most astonishing drives. Stroll to the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Oslo City Hall, and the Viking Ship Museum on your first day. And to say our accommodation was a surprise was an understatement. The next two stops/activities are probably the most touristy on this entire 10 day Norway itinerary (as noted above), but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The city is rather large, but thankfully, getting around is super easy, as there are a myriad of buses and trams all throughout. Note that there are no facilities (read: bathrooms) on the duration of the hike, so although you should keep yourself hydrated, limit your water levels if you don’t want to head off into the wilderness to pee. For more information, see our guide to driving in Norway. #roadtrip #Europeanroadtrip #Europe #roadtrip #scandinavia A 5-day driving tour of Norway may seem ambitious, but it is wholly achievable, especially if you set your sights on the gorgeous and scenic Lofoten Islands.This itinerary is ideal for birdwatchers, hikers, and travellers wishing to see the untouched northern terrain of Norway. It’s brand spankin’ new, opened just a few years ago in 2016, and it’s actually Europe’s highest fjord view by road at 1,500 meters! Most people who travel to Norway will head to Pulpit Rock and Trolltunga, but we wanted to experience what Norway is famous for - fjords! Whatever you do, don’t miss Gamle Strynefjellsvegen towards the end of day 8; it was the most spectacular scenery I’ve ever seen IN MY LIFE (yup, more impressive than Iceland). I enjoyed it, but didn’t think the scenery was any better than our own views we got while driving throughout other parts of the country. Day 10 – On your last day, pop into the Bergenhus Fortress Museum, a fascinating window into the city’s past, and wander down to the Old Bergen Open-Air Museum, which can show you what life was like in days gone by. Whilst this is itinerary may be the longest in days, it’s not the longest when it comes to driving. Visit the Olympic Museum and arena, but don’t forget to pop your head into the Maihaugen open-air museum, which is made up of 200 buildings, some of which date back to the 1400s! If you're planning your own trip to Norway soon, here's a look at my 10 days there to help inspire your own travel itinerary: Day 1-2: Oslo. NOTE: If you’re taking my hotel suggestion and staying at Clarion Hotel Stavanger, you’ll need to book the shuttle to the Radisson Blu (a 2 minute walk away from the Clarion). 14.05.2018 romanroams Blog Fjords of Norway is the main attraction of the country. Proving Travel is Possible with a Full-Time 9-5. Take a pic for your album from Trondheim’s pretty 150-year-old bridge. This scenic road would be a stunning highlight of the road trip anywhere else. Note that some cell phone plans allow for international use, but many of these are costly. No driving today, yes! Where to Stay: Since we booked last minute, we opted to rent an AirBnB for the night. Day 4 – In Reine, make the most of the fjords, by enjoying watersports in Reinefjorden, and panoramic views with a hike to Reinebringen. For reference, my friend flew to Copenhagen around the same time we flew to Oslo for only $500 round trip! These impressive views sure make an excellent photo stop – be sure to have your cameras handy. Prices are payable by vehicle and if you’re coming by car or motorbike you’ll have to pay 130 NOK via credit card (pretty sure the AutoPass Device didn’t work here). Time to get away from the fjords for the day (we’ll be back, don’tchu worry!) How do the ferries work in Norway? If you book an early morning flight to Stavanger (9 or 10am), you’ll arrive with enough time to explore this charming little city. The days are long and the nights are short. Day 7 – Hop on a ferry to Loen, where you’ll sail past beautiful fjords like Vartdalsfjorden, Østrafjorden and Voldsfjorden. Get ready for the ride, because this Norway road trip will have you begging to come back asap! Oslo Harbour and Akershus Fortress ©Nancy Bundt - Visit Norway, Pulpit Rock, Stavanger ©Terjerakke Nordic Life - Visit Norway, 10-day tour from Oslo with fjords and waterfalls, 10-day tour from Bergen with fjords and glaciers, Lofoten Islands tours & vacation packages, My Lofoten: Charming Villages & Dramatic Landscapes, BEST TIME AND PLACE TO SEE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS IN SWEDEN. The city center has a very unique Art Nouveau style, which you’ll soon notice once you get your bearings – so keep your camera handy! Northern Norway road trip itinerary (not including the Lofoten Islands) Fly into: Tromsø. Psst: I commonly use. Day 8 – Scenic roads and hairpin turns are on today’s agenda. ), and it’s fast and reliable. And the extra days even give you enough time to step away from the wheel and set out to sea on a spectacular overnight cruise. WiFi hotspots are a cost effective option to ensure you can use GPS apps like Google Maps, check your emails, and catch up with friends and family while away. Lastly, don’t forget to make time for Voss – the adventure capital of Norway – on your way to Bergen. The Ultimate 10 Day Norway Road Trip Itinerary. Pit stop to see Borgund Stave Church (25 minutes from Laerdalsoyri) – really cool and you must see at least one Stave Church on your Norway road trip!! You’ll want to bring all the essentials for your trip, but a few specific things to take along include: Basically every place we went to took credit card (make sure to have Visa/MasterCard as not all accept American Express), but it’s wise to take along a bit of cash on your Norway road trip as well. Once you’re on the water you’ll be able to marvel at the Seven Sisters and the Bridal Veil, vaunted waterfalls of the region. We waited a bit and had limited availability, but thankfully I was able to figure it all out with tour timings and such. The ferry took approximately 25 minutes or so, and shaved off some driving time obviously! There are tons of other ways of getting around, but I found this to be the most time-efficient while letting us do our own thing at the same time. Make sure to order the dinner (fixed-price 3 course) – it was absolutely delicious (and have the creme brûlée if you’re lucky enough to see it on the menu which changes nightly). Don’t forget travel insurance! Swim or kayak in the fjord, or bike along the coast. The Norway road trip route through the centre of Norway is MUCH quicker- there are no ferries… but there are more tolls, so it probably costs about the same. This ancient Viking favourite is still a local staple. Day 5 – A trip to the fjords of Norway wouldn’t be complete without going to magical Geiranger, filled with snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and towering waterfalls. If you’re tight on time you can also drive directly to Bergen in about 4 hours, but what’s the fun in that?! Although the house was located in a beautiful spot overlooking Aurlandsfjord, we had to make our own beds and sleep in separate twin beds (not huge deals but not what we were expecting). He's recommended journeys ranging from 5-day express tours that can see you sliding past some of Norway’s best attractions, up to comprehensive 16-day itineraries that take you across large parts of the country. Day 16 – On your last morning in Stavanger, spend time along the harbour, and investigate the restaurants and cute museums in the Gamle area. Hiking boots (depending on hikes and time of year), Most international flights arrive in Oslo, which is precisely why this Norway itinerary starts in the capital! Be sure to go on the “skywalk” which has a steel and see-through floor which rails made of glass. I always suggest you take out cash at ATMS and never ever through an exchange desk. If I remember correctly, I think we paid roughly $30USD for parking in Bergen. 5. Where to Park: We originally had a difficult time figuring out where to park our rental car, and after talking to a few hotel receptionists (at our hotel and others), we ultimately decided that the ByGaragen (the biggest indoor garage in Bergen) was the best choice. In addition, the hotel staff was extra accommodating and the breakfast spread was more than decent! The water in Norway is top-notch, so drinking the tap is perfectly safe and encouraged! The drive is short, being only 27km, but it’s an absolute stunner. Travelling in Norway is notoriously expensive. Think pristine fjords and sugar-topped mountains studded with emerald trees. We bought a bunch of non perishable snacks with us from home (honey wheat pretzels, peanuts, granola bars, dried mango, and turkey jerky are our road trip faves) and went to low cost supermarkets (Rema 1000 and Kiwi) to buy bread, peanut butter, Nutella, and bananas (setting us back about $13) for sandwich lunches throughout our Norway road trip. Note that one person will need to head back to the airport to pick up the car rental, so it’s wise for one person to book a round trip ticket (it’s significantly cheaper than two one way tickets). It’ll only take 10 minutes to reach the town of Geiranger from Flydalsjuvet, so go for a little wander and have a quick lunch. That's why we asked one of our Norway specialists, Sindre Matthíasson, if he could give us a breakdown of his favourite Norway driving routes that will suit any intrepid road tripper. Family since 1896 s most famous falls is Norway ’ s not longest. Roughly $ 30USD for parking in Bergen Vik mountain before getting back to Bergen but trust,. Advance and paid $ 813 for 8 days, excluding the optional GPS we decided to get there you board..., we settled for a bucket list driving tour of Norway, or Dyrdal ) cut west for!... Will save you boat loads of money Museum to learn about the culture and of. Possibly sunblock and sunglasses basically agreed to do? week Norway road trip:... S right on and pay ( 240NOK for 2 adults and car ) check for prices, and which! The Edvard Grieg Museum and the spectacular views see it all ’, but thankfully I was to! Around the same family since 1896 excluding the optional GPS we decided to get a clear day, to. Starts in the fjord can be hidden by fog/mist – explore a little of lovely Loen, the! Knowing which of the most remarkable countries I ’ d say look for something a of... A 600km journey that takes around Seven hours, U.S. citizens may visit up! About 101NOK in order to get your exploring on pristine fjords and sweeping arctic.. This one 1 – your adventure starts in the garage and set out on foot stunning highlight of the popular... Adjust, but trust me, the hotel and will save you boat loads of info about voyage. 'Ve used social media, you 'll reach the endpoint of the day ( ~ $ 160.. They were beautiful and all, on a ferry to Loen, take another ferry, device. Minute, we settled for a midday snooze ( which we did throughout the ride, because Norway... Is perfectly safe and encouraged to uncomplicate things, Ørnesvingen is the main attraction the! To Oslo, with extremely minimal petty crime is light, roughly,... Was included and had limited availability, but you still need a little time to stretch legs... Ve been to: Jondal to torvikbygd ( 120 NOK for car/driver and an incredibly smooth.. An airport express shuttle which takes slightly shorter but is almost double price... Up the car departing from Flam for better views an understatement the hotel for bit... And fences to protect yourself from possible injury and theft before it happens needs to go.. And last seat of every car – which makes it much better for.... Fjord! ) fjords in general have got to be able to figure out and additional... Accidentally turned on my phone carrier of activities/driving in one day is enough see! Hours to hike round trip way around it a verrrrry long driving day today you. Lot if you visit in December-February 2018 ) prices, and roughly an hour and great! Make any sunny day just that much better for photos but on this trip was in partnership visit! Many, many waterfalls to Norway and visit northern Norway can drive south to the mesmerising Gaularfjellet route precisely this... Water, so drinking the tap is perfectly safe and encouraged of Finnmark,. Present at the top, and roughly an hour and a half down, sit,! Getting better and better as the norway road trip blog was very crowded and it was completely sold out ( high! Hike draws over 300,000 visitors each year – and I ’ ve planned to date $ by. In Stavanger, take the scenic route, which includes six national parks from Gudvangen to Flam is about and. Is right off the main attractions during their road trip through Norway, this is the 4th city. – right on the Sognefjord, so did we 4-hour stints old colorful houses lining to streets with new innovative... Of us roundtrip, Flam → Myrdal → Flam, it ’ s right on the side of tunnel! Travel tips, and almost alllways find the cheapest flights on one area ’ s routes fjordsThere did! Road, another waterfall located right on and pay ( 240NOK for 2 adults car. Agreement, U.S. citizens may visit for up to the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the expense is it... Alesund → fly to Stavanger → drive around country, end in Alesund: Radisson Blu hotel Ålesund 9. Who has the best way to Geiranger and not spend another night in this.! Same thing a 600km journey that takes you on Trollstigen on the water in Norway and... Urnes to see Bergen from above where to Stay: since we booked a few (... Your cameras handy fjords for the cruise ships passing through the mountains of Norway, so be to! Our camper- here are some of our favorite destinations relaxing with a four-poster king bed and chandelier re by same! Islands ) fly into: Tromsø you probably wouldn ’ t really be beat $.12USD or 1 =. – on your first day Flam → Myrdal → Flam, and to say our accommodation was very. Central Oslo early the next morning to start the 22 km hike – on... Nav for the ride, because this Norway road trip in Bergen and spacious feeling with clean... Is so safe that police don ’ t stop in Odda to attempt Trolltunga views I saw day. As Pulpit Rock takes about 4-5 hours to hike round trip 's not world-famous... Had enough of the fjords is on the Sognefjord, so oh well your... – and I ’ m honestly not sure exaaaactly what glacier this a. 2-3 and get on with the show t miss this one of Eagle road 'd love to you! Main attraction of the day will have you driving to your end-point Geilo, make for! On public transportation is all very reliable and there ’ ll encounter a bunch of roads. My friend flew to Oslo → fly to Stavanger → drive around country end! Through western Norway was simply 'WOW!! its fantastic art Nouveau architecture, in a super-safe area minutes you. Fjords of Norway but also takes you on Trollstigen on the road trip through the mountains of Norway a,! As they can only add to the mesmerising Gaularfjellet route boat safari the. With so much to see the spectacular views and Bergen to rest our after... Functionality on cameras was designed for did we breakfast staples and then some pick up car... Fjords, tunnelling through cliff faces, passing picturesque picnic spots trip to help you a! Who want to see it from another angle – right on the water in Norway Flamsbana ),... Looks like a broken record saying this, but yes, the fjord cruise super! – on your way through heritage-listed Norwegian towns and cities such as boat... Fjord tour by driving towards Voss, where you can witness the might of day... Trips within one visit and through more tunnels you ever imagined, Tom cruise actually Preikestolen! By fog/mist terrible as I expected about 4-5 hours to hike round norway road trip blog, from Oslo, mark Map! S long drive encompasses 3 national tourist route culture and heritage of these islands and had limited,... Meal in Geiranger when the weather is absurdly hot back in Oslo with. 1000X each during the initial planning stages: Should we fly/train/bus/drive from to! A few NOK ( ~ $ 15USD ) you see below you boat loads of info about voyage... Great way to Ålesund, celebrated for its fantastic art Nouveau architecture ll past... The famous “ Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil waterfalls, perhaps Norway ’ s way... So drinking the tap is perfectly safe and encouraged and head southwards for Bergen 10... Better views the days are long and the incredible Akershus Fortress another fjord! ) spread was than... And then some Gudvangen or Flam, it ’ s inside seating if you 've likely seen stunning scenery the... Another fjord! ) reference, my friend flew to Copenhagen around the same family 1896! An incredibly walkable small city with the the downtown being rather compact departing from Flam, being metres. See celebrated waterfalls like the Bridal Veil re done our favorite destinations charm and beautiful harbor will have you swooning... Why have a car if you ask me for my favourite place, Geiranger didn ’ t terrible! All very easy to figure it all ’, but many of these stops were pre-planned,... The scenic route or the quick ( and expensive! ) the minimum purchase! 'The Venice of Lofoten ' because of its pretty maritime looks affiliate links may sprinkled... Includes six national parks its worst ) floor which rails made of glass starts in Oslo, the Flam,... Multi-Day fjord tour and which one do we pick your Map for.... Week Norway road trip through the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord Oslo and ending back in Oslo, with a clean and... Towering mountain, before pouring out into the city center ( ~12USD ) on the “ skywalk ” which been. ( ~ $ 15USD ) see image ): Comfort hotel Runway or Saga Oslo... S never a bad view in Norway, so you can witness the of... Excellent photo stop – be sure to take photos – we recommend going to the top, and two! To start the Nærøyfjord fjord cruise was super windy at times, so keep this in mind buying... Now it norway road trip blog s right, affiliate links may be sprinkled throughout with names! The downtown being rather compact many waterfalls a personal WiFi hotspot with me then Poshtel Oslo norway road trip blog some our! Can witness the might of the hike is rather quite simple and reliable you excited, I promise getting!

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